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Mission Statement OKALUX

Rapid changes regarding the global economy, the society of the 21st century and sophisticated technologies as well as growing demands of the world markets and the need for ever more complex and sophisticated achievements have necessitated the establishment of a clear, goal- oriented and focussed firm philosophy. Being in existence since 50 years, OKALUX has readily turned into one of the international market leaders for functional, innovative and design- oriented production of insulating glass. It is our very aim to expand this market leadership and enhance our growth with respect to international markets.  

Common aims and values are crucial for the accomplishment of this aim. The shareholders, the management board and the staff have developed a mission statement for OKALUX which essentially influences the daily decision making process on all levels:

OKALUX strives for the expansion of its market leadership in functional isolating glass for sophisticated, high- quality architecture and design within the framework of achieving appropriate growth rates, establishing an innovative range of products and optimising its benefits.

This is to be achieved as follows

Maximising consumer benefits

  • Consumer satisfaction and consumer attraction will be attained through

  • professional advice and counselling, creative and individual solutions

  • revolutionary, state- of- the- art product research and development

  • reliable, safe and optically attractive products

  • rigid, reliable

Motivated, contented and confident staff

This is achieved through


  • transparency, trust and openness as integral part of our management strategy

  • establishment of a healthy and team- oriented working atmosphere

  • focussed traineeships, workshops, education and support

  • individually adjustable working conditions

  • active staff participation in the decision making process

Market leadership in responding to creative challenges and developing innovative solution approaches.

This can be implemented by

  • consistently minimising time delays in production and service

  • maximising productivity and innovation

  • maintaining and enhancing our creativity à creative design

  • refining target- oriented, focussed and systematic working methods

  • optimising the use of spare capacity

  • ensuring higher quality throughout all production processes

Collaborative relations with our suppliers/ delivery companies

These are optimised by


  • integrating our suppliers into the QS system

  • closely related and collaboratively oriented strategic endeavours

  • consistent and detailed description of technical, economic and logistic requirements as fixed part of the order contracts

Sustainable, environmentally friendly behaviour

This is ensured by


  • reasonable, sustainable use of resources

  • environmentally friendly processes and removal of waste material

  • increasing our environmental awareness


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