Competence and Experience

OKALUX stands for decades of consulting experience with sophisticated building projects around the globe. We support architects, specialized engineers and façade builders during the planning process with our extensive know-how: in energy and daylight planning, the orientation of facades and with feasibility tests. 

If desired, we develop existing projects further or create totally new glazing in cooperation with planners. The integration of inserts in insulating glass requires a high level of competence in the handling of materials. Fine woods need to be handled differently with respect to structural physics and aesthetics than do transparent copper inlays, coffee beans or technical textiles. During this process, we never lose sight of the total picture: to reconcile the supply and protective function of a façade with aesthetic requirements. 

As project partner we are well aware of the extreme importance of meticulous project management. That is why we have created a special department for this field in our company. This department is also responsible for global logistics planning and processing. 

Storm-proof project management makes the realization of even the most complex facades possible. An example is the Central Library in Seattle designed by Rem Kolhas: 10,000 panes of insulating glass, 5,000 of which with customized pane measurements in rhomboid shape and expanded metal inserts. Or, the Central Market in Abu Dhabi by Foster and Partners: where the architects asked for a myriad of large, colored glass elements to be put together to form Arabian ornaments, creating a wonderful atmosphere of light in the Souk.