Engineered in Germany

Commitment to the highest possible quality is the guiding principle of our entire company. An example to illustrate this: OKALUX delivers 5,500 glass elements in 260 different designs enabling a myriad of different combinations for the Presbyterian Hospital in New York designed by Pei Cobb Freed and Partners.

OKALUX considers the quality of the consultation to be the most important aspect in the first phase of the project: How can the envisioned design of the façade be transported into reality? How can user comfort in the hospital be maximized? The requirements on glass design and production are jointly defined step by step: these being the tolerance for coloration and gradation for wood inserts, which hold for thousands of glass elements. In addition to requirements on many details like thermal transmittance, the quality of glass edges or the hermetically tight edge seal, production must adhere to. OKALUX concentrates on the quality of logistics in the next phase: the right elements must be at the right location on the construction site in New York at the right time. 

That is why OKALUX creates detailed specifications, documentations and a report on quality assurance for “Lot size 1”. This is how a QM system functions in a manufacturing company. Based on years of project experience and with an in-house department for project control, this method makes it possible to realize even the most complex façades within a given Deadline. 

In our opinion, quality assurance also requires an excellent network with universities, specialized and testing institutions as well as laboratories. We can rely on experienced experts for various questions concerning glazing, insert materials and construction, to give our customers qualified answers at any time.