Sustainable Building with OKALUX

Sustainable buildings are characterized by ecological and economical performance - and they stand for high user comfort. One of the keys is the optimal use of daylight. OKALUX contributes to the excellent performance of buildings with its products and their orientation to specific requirements. 

The energy requirements of artificial light can be reduced by daylight. Solar protecting systems in the glazing reduce the cooling load in the building and energy consumption for heating is reduced through our heat insulating glazing. 

This not only supports climate protection, it also reduces the operating costs of a building as OKALUX glazing with its inserts is maintenance-free. The products also stand for low maintenance costs. A further economical plus is the longevity of our glazing. This holds for the functionality as well as for the quality of design. In this way, OKALUX products contribute to the retention of the value of your real estate. 

Façades are an important factor where the social aspect of sustainability is concerned. OKALUX façade glazing ensures well-being and comfort in the building. This begins with the experience of natural daylight with its warm atmosphere, extends to the high visual comfort with glare protection and privacy screen in work places and culminates in excellent thermal comfort in winter and summer.

The glazing can be precisely suited to the requirements of a building through numerous design and technical possibilities, for example, with regard to acoustic comfort. These advantages make OKALUX glazing especially suitable for Green Buildings with or without certification. OKALUX is, among others, a member of the German Association for Sustainable Building DGNB where it is continuously in touch with builders, architects, specialized planners and other experts, in order to further improve and develop its own products and services in the interest of sustainable building.