OKALUX interior solutions combine glass design with high functionality. This results in effectively useable interiors with a comfortable quality of stay. Suitable glass inserts are capillaries, filigree grids and veneers of wood, shimmering metals or noble stones. You can also chose from individually printed glass and insulating glass with integrated LEDs.

The application possibilities are manifold. Partitioning systems with OKALUX solutions provide a comfortable climate and privacy screen with optimal light conditions in office buildings and public institutions like libraries, hospitals, museums, in sports halls or apartment buildings, in addition to noise and fire protection, and good room acoustics depending on the requirements. OKALUX interior solutions are always an eye-catcher even in show rooms, sophisticated exhibition architecture or as decorative wall cladding.


  • creative and functional aspects are given equal consideration
  • capillary inserts guarantee an efficient use of daylight even in the interior
  • high energetic requirements are met depending on the design – thermally differing areas can be separated and divided into zones climatically on the outside and inside
  • planning and tendering as well as installation and upgrading are simplified by the use of certified system components
  • low maintenance guarantees the cost-effectiveness of the investment
  • high-quality materials stand for established sustainability