© Andrew Lee Photographer
© Andrew Lee Photographer


Alexander Graham Bell Centre for Digital Health - Moray College UHI



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132 m²






Façade | Skylight

Alexander Graham Bell Centre for Digital Health - Moray College UHI

Elgin, Great Britain

Working and Learning Zones in Comfortable Daylight Atmosphere

With their extension of the campus of the University in Elgin, in Northeast Scotland, the renowned office of jmarchitects has fulfilled its urban development assignment and given the functional part of the project the right perspective; with OKALUX+ insulating glass playing an important role.

The Alexander Graham Bell Centre, the new building of the Moray College, sophistically combines the old with the new. It defines a clear edge to the public street space and gives the college a new identity. With its materials and its height, the three-storey building acts as a mediator between the existing urban fabric and the campus. A new two-storey glazed gallery adjoins the Life Science Centre to the listed Victorian building of the Art Academy.

The new building offers generous space for highly modern research and lecture rooms, especially in the areas of biological science and healthcare. These are complemented by a publically accessible conference area and units which can be leased by external, middle stand companies. Important parameters of the planning of jmarchitects were the improved accessibility of all college areas and the flexible possibilities of utilization within the Life Science Centre.

There are areas on the wide access corridors of the Life Science Centre which provide working and learning zones. To ensure that these are supplied with sufficient and glare-free daylight, translucent capillary slabs from OKALUX in the cavities of the insulating glass have been inserted. These diffuse the light deeply into the interior, creating an optimal lighting atmosphere. At the same time, OKALUX+ offers a continuously high degree of light transmission and thermal sun protection.