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© Amit Geron


Electra Tower - Caspi Sror Law Office


Tel Aviv, Israel

Order Volume

94 m²


Finearc Architects Ltd., Eyal Bleiweiss





Electra Tower - Caspi Sror Law Office

Tel Aviv, Israel

Inviting Soberness - Insulating Specialist OKALUX fits Law Office in Tel Aviv  

The Electra Tower was completed in 2011 and literally towers over the roofs of Tel Aviv. The 45 storey building was designed by one of the largest architect’s offices in Israel and is the city’s third largest high-rise measuring 165 metres. The exterior of the slender sky scraper located on a lively intersection on the East Side is dominated by glass. The interior offers embassies and international companies a special working Environment.

The Caspi Sror Law Office is specialized in medical malpractice cases. The surroundings that Eyal and Niki Bleiweiss from Fine Arc Architects and Interior Decorators have created for the lawyers and their clients on the 34th floor of the building with its breathtaking view of the city and the Mediterannean meet very complex requirements. People seeking help must feel comfortable here: the priority for the design was the desire for unobtrusive, clear and warm rooms creating an atmosphere of well-being. At the same time, the clients demanded contemporary and open surroundings in harmony with the highly modern exterior of the building. They wanted optimal light conditions and an unobstructed view without giving the clients or the staff the feeling of being observed.” We quickly realized that we would have to reinvent the wheel in order to meet these contradicting requirements.” the architects reported. They planned 11 individual offices on the L-formed floor plan along the external façade. The room arrangement is supplemented by the open design of the reception area and two conference rooms. Thus, the office is structured in three zones. The open and transparent reception and conference area are directly adjacent to the centrally located access core of the high-rise. The other offices and meeting rooms are arranged along the glazed external façade and are accessible over a corridor located between the two areas.



In order to bring the incident light entering the individual offices into the corridor and the reception area as well, the architects brought the aesthetic effects and the special functionality of façade insulating glass OKAWOOD timber grid from OKALUX from the building shell into the interior. Timbre grid inserts in the cavities are combined with ESG panes and a frame system. This integrative solution opens many possibilities for interior design. Different types of glazing, numerous OKALUX inserts and various frame possibilities can be adapted to the specific building project and installation system and individually combined. This system not only ensures the acoustic separation of rooms, it also facilitates the creation of a comprehensive design concept from the façade to the entire interior.

The interior designers in Tel Aviv relied on large, floor-to ceiling partition walls with OKAWOOD timber grid in the cavity. The fine, horizontal grid combines the sober elegance of glass with the warm radiance of the wood. This special combination of materials is what has given the Caspi Sror Law Office a semi-transparent solution as well as the desired contemporary but warm and discreet atmosphere. Another important plus for the design: the red doors to the workrooms can be flush integrated in the wall System.

“We are sure that we haven’t even started to discover all of the areas of application possible with OKALUX system solutions” the excited planners said.