With the Seoul Auction Gangnam Center, Wilmotte & Associes Architectes designed an identity-creating landmark for the neighborhood.

According to a masterplan by Baker Design Group the former semiconductor manufacturing facility of Analog Devices in Wilmington, Massachusettes, was transformed into a modern headquarter.

A striking installation at the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa, Ontario, juxtaposes the old with the new.

With a crèche, a library and living space the architects and urban planners Georgens + Miklautz closed a building gap that had already existed for fifty years in the Giesing district of Munich.

With the mission to create "Space to Think", the architects Design Engine developed a master plan for the Headington campus of Oxford Brookes University. The goal was to connect the existing buildings on the site in such a way that academic and social life could coexist in a meaningful way. The result were capacities for a new library, a central meeting place, lecture halls, classrooms, commercial and exhibition space.

Light, water and landscape - these natural elements have a decisive influence on the architecture of Steven Holl Architects’ Daeyang Gallery and House in Seoul.