Building with solar potential

As part of the competition Solar Decathlon Europe, students from the HTWG Konstanz developed the ECOLAR Home.

The event, which focuses on sustainable construction, calls for building designs that meet their energy needs through solar power. After a year and a half of planning, the contest concluded with the team traveling to the venue in Madrid to assemble the house. 

Large windows made with our light-diffusing insulating glass OKALUX support the idea of energy efficiency with good thermal insulation as well as sun and glare protection, thanks to the capillary plate installed in the cavity between the panes. At the same time they ensure a high level of daylight supply and, partly used as OKAWOOD with a filigree wood grid, also create a comfortable atmosphere in the interior.

In Madrid, HTWG Konstanz took fourth place with ECOLAR Home. The team was particularly successful in the individual disciplines "Engineering & Construction" and "Industrialization & Market Viability" as well as "Energy Efficiency". Not only did the design score well in the competition, but was also awarded the DGNB certificate in gold.