Dynamic spatial composition in Seoul

Light, water and landscape - these natural elements have a decisive influence on the architecture of Steven Holl Architects’ Daeyang Gallery and House in Seoul.

The design of the ensemble is characterized by strip-shaped light bands in the roof surfaces - some with a capillary insert from OKALUX, which graphically structure the building ensemble and set striking light accents both during the day and in the evening hours. Even in the water basin, light bridges are arranged through which daylight enters the building interior.

The translucent KAPILUX T capillary glass diffuses the incident daylight evenly and without glare into the rooms located below ground, thus creating optimum lighting conditions in the gallery. At the same time, the skylights with the translucent capillary insert in the space between the panes blend seamlessly into the striped landscape on the roofs of the three pavilions and also reduce the need for artificial light in the building.