Lively façade plays with OKALUX K

With a curved glass façade, the pavilion designed by prpm Architekten+Stadtplaner GmbH, which houses the Ismaning indoor swimming pool, is captivating.

Designed as a self-supporting steel structure, the surrounding façade lends liveliness to the building and also to the interior spaces through an interplay of transparent, translucent and opaque elements.

Part of this is also the light-diffusing 3-pane insulating glass OKALUX K. The capillary plate installed in the space between the panes ensures uniform and shadow-free illumination with daylight. Even in sensitive areas such as the sauna, a lot of light can enter the interior, while the functional glass provides maximum privacy. Very good sun and glare protection as well as optimized thermal insulation improve the energy balance of the building and help to save heating costs in winter or cooling energy in summer.