OKASOLAR 3D Sun Protection Grid

Optimal Sun Protection for Roof Glazing

Effective Use of Daylight and Effective Sun Protection United in One Product with OKASOLAR 3D Sun Protection Grid


The insulating glass manufacturer OKALUX always focuses on the best possible use of daylight, which it regards as being the key to low energy consumption and high user comfort. By uniting effective sun protection with an optimal illumination of the interior, the daylight systems of the OKASOLAR product family make an essential contribution to this effect. The new OKASOLAR 3D sun protection grid in the cavity between the panes is a new addition and logical development to the product family for use in the roofing area.

What is new to the established louvre lamella systems are the cross bars which transform the main louvre into a three dimensional grid. The specific geometry of the system with optimized profiles, angles of inclination and distances were calculated and developed by a renowned light laboratory. The result is a highly effective daylight system which keeps out direct irradiation of the sun at any time of the day or year. Even irradiation from an angle when the sun is low in the east or the west is prevented. In addition to this comprehensive sun protection, the grid also affords a good view to the north and is permeable to diffuse daylight allowing a maximum amount of daylight to enter – thus making the illumination in the interior independent of the weather conditions and correspondingly consistent. 

The system owes its extraordinary performance not only to the grid geometry but also to the use of high-performance materials. The main louvre directed to the south consist of highly reflective aluminum with an excellent degree of solar reflection. The cross ribs (bars) are made of highly reflective coated plastic. In this way, best possible reflection properties are achieved which prevent the interior of the building from overheating. 

The values of the test measurements confirm the efficient combination of a maximum reflection of the direct irradiation and optimum permeability to diffuse daylight. The direct light transmission of OKASOLAR 3D lies at max. 85 % in the area of permeability, the diffuse light transmission is 23 %. The TSET lies within the lock-out area at a maximum of 0.10. 

A further advantage: the daylight system is maintenance-free due to its protected position in the cavity. And, OKASOLAR 3D has a very convincing design: the main louvre are produced from rolling formed aluminum bands which makes it possible to produce almost any length without seams or joints giving the sun protection grid a captivating, uniform appearance.