Remanufacturing a diamond

Designed in 1959 by James Stirling and James Gowan, the Engineering Building at the University of Leicester is a significant testament to postmodern architecture.

Inspired by the structure of an aircraft carrier, two interconnected towers soar on the university campus. In the lower part, two geometric elements cantilever out, defined by the interior lecture halls. This structure is complemented by a large-scale low-rise building, distinguished by its striking glass roof. Diamond-shaped glass gables facing north prevent sensitive research instruments in the laboratories below from being damaged by direct sunlight.

As part of the renovation of the landmarked building, the iconic, sculptural glass roof was covered with OKALUX. It was important to preserve the existing appearance as much as possible while improving performance and safety standards. Working closely with the project team, we succeeded and also won the Facade Renovation of the Year Award.