The sports hall as a place for good resolutions

The triple gymnasium at Luxembourg's Edward Steichen High School by Jonas Architectes Associés is a particularly fun place to do sports.

The pleasant color scheme of the interior is further accentuated by the daylight entering through the roof glazing with OKASOLAR 3D. The insulating glass with a three-dimensional shaped, highly reflective solar protection grid in the cavity between the panes brings together effective solar control and use of daylight.

The direct solar transmission is blocked at all times, irrespective of the height of the sun. This effectively reduces the heat gain into the interior of the building. At the same time a large Proportion of diffuse daylight from the northern hemisphere gets into the interior. This results in even light distribution in the interior and significantly less fluctuation in brightness than with direct sunlight. The protected position of the grid in the space between the panes ultimately makes the whole thing a maintenance-free daylight system.