Towards the sun

Since the Burgweinting multipurpose hall in Regensburg had to face south due to the spatial conditions, it was important to find a design that would prevent the building from overheating.

For this purpose, the structural engineering department of the city of Regensburg developed a concept consisting of three different glass superstructures in the form of a circumferential skylight on four façade sides - an interplay that makes the gymnasium an exciting architectural object.

Light-diffusing insulating glass OKALUX K is used on the east and west sides of the building. The capillary plate installed in the space between the panes not only ensures uniform and shadow-free illumination with daylight deep into the room, but also guarantees excellent solar and glare protection at the same time. Improved thermal insulation ultimately contributes to the building's energy balance. The solar cells integrated into the glass façade on the south side even feed electricity into the public grid.