The New Student Union building at Nevada’s CSN campuses radiates with glare-free natural light. OKALUX light-diffusing glass was designed into the clerestory windows by TSK Architects. Daylit interiors provide students with an increased sense of physical and mental comfort. The proven improvement in student performance within naturally daylit spaces was an additional benefit.

With the Seoul Auction Gangnam Center, Wilmotte & Associes Architectes designed an identity-creating landmark for the neighborhood.

According to a masterplan by Baker Design Group the former semiconductor manufacturing facility of Analog Devices in Wilmington, Massachusettes, was transformed into a modern headquarter.

A striking installation at the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa, Ontario, juxtaposes the old with the new.

With a crèche, a library and living space the architects and urban planners Georgens + Miklautz closed a building gap that had already existed for fifty years in the Giesing district of Munich.

With the mission to create "Space to Think", the architects Design Engine developed a master plan for the Headington campus of Oxford Brookes University. The goal was to connect the existing buildings on the site in such a way that academic and social life could coexist in a meaningful way. The result were capacities for a new library, a central meeting place, lecture halls, classrooms, commercial and exhibition space.